Keep on the Sunny Side


Find growth and healing by caring for your soul as you would care for a plant. This journal helps you clarify problems and take small, specific steps to solve them.

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This journal is inspired by one of the songs of my youth, “Keep on the Sunny Side.” It is also inspired by the concept of veriditas, the caring for a human being as you would care for a growing plant — clear out the weeds, add nutrients and sunshine, and wait. The plant will grow. The body will heal itself.

I created this journal to help myself recover from the emotional work of grieving. It coaches us to identify and solve problems, to overcome fear and anger, and to seek joy in life by using all three of our basic human behaviors — thinking, acting, and feeling; or, if you like, head, hands, and heart.

Clearing out the darkness and strife means clarifying problems (thinking) as well as planning and doing small, specific next steps (acting). Staying on the sunny side means identifying ways to stay connected and, as above, acting on those. As you reflect upon the outcomes, check in with your feelings: am I more grounded? happier? more connected? more grateful? more compassionate? 

Be patient. Keep on the Sunny Side and veriditas seem to me to go together. I am cheered.

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