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“I am grieving. I am just not happy … I should be better, I’m stuck, I don’t know what to do next. I am leaving home and stepping out into the world. I am retiring. I need a new job.”

Journals for Seekers are guidebooks to the inner you. Deliberately bite-sized and straightforward, these “skill-building” journals are meant to help you clarify your intent, create something new, and step away from grief and self-criticism towards serenity and curiosity.

Each journal integrates three fundamental aspects of human behavior — acting, thinking, and feeling; or, if you like, hands, head, and heart. They prompt you to take small, manageable steps, to reflect rationally upon your situation and its possible solutions, and to pay attention to your instincts, gut feelings, passion, and spirituality.

One cartoon person standing on a boulder, another carrying a boulder