Bite-Size Journals

Journals for Seekersoffers your journaling customers thought-provoking guidance to explore the personal sides of their lives.

Current topics: Grief, Happiness, Serenity & Courage and Confidence & Curiosity.

All these topics are timely and universal.

Unlike blank journals or those that employ inspirational sayings, these journals for seekers ask questions to help the user capture thoughts and feelings and convert them into action. Designed with brevity in mind, they go straight to the task of prompting journalers to begin exploring their heads, hearts and hands.

Journals for Seekers™ come in sized to fit pocket or purse, 5”x8″, making them easy to take along. They look good, feel good, and have space to write as much or as little as the journaler chooses.

About MacBurke Publishing

What We Offer Small Booksellers

As a small, independent publisher, we know that shipping costs and large minimum orders can be frustrating. Your shop may not be positioned to move 20 or more of a single product. To that end, we want to make the ordering process simple and (like our journals) bite-sized, better to fit your shop’s needs.

Here is how we hope to support you, and us, in getting our journals into the hands of your customers:

  • FREE FREIGHT. (Use FREESHIP to receive free shipping at check out.)
  • LOW MINIMUM ORDERS. We appreciate your need to economize. As such, our minimum order size is 5 of any one title, or 4 of our Boxed Journal Collection.
  • PROMOTIONAL MATERIALS AVAILABLE. Promotional bookmarks, postcards and flyers are available for your cashier counter or other display surface. And we have a variety of digital media you can use for any of your social media marketing. Just let us know in the ordering area below, and we will include those in your shipment.
  • ORDER VIA INGRAM SPARK. We ship journals in two ways, one is from our HQ in Oregon, where your order is hand packed and delivered to you. Those orders can be bundled with any of the promotional materials you request and will arrive in a single shipment. AND you may also order just the journals from Ingram Spark. If you want to order promotional materials or our premium bookmarks, those will ship separately from Oregon. PLEASE NOTE – we cannot guarantee free shipping through Ingram.

Place a Mini-Bulk Order

We are glad you are interested in carrying Journals for Seekers™. Thank you. There is a 5-copy minimum when you order individual titles and a 4-box minimum for our Boxed Collections of all 4 of the titles. You may order more in those set quantities when you go to your shopping cart. If you want other than those set quantities, please call us at (541) ‪250-0533 to place a custom order.

What’s Inside a Journals for Seekers book?

Inside a Journals for Seekers Workbook

We are very deliberate in writing and designing our Journals for Seekers™. We want to provide minimal, and impactful, guidance for our journalers, sans a lot of front and back matter. This is where Peter’s poetry skills come in beautifully, as one job of a poet can be to use an economy of words to convey often big and complex feelings and concepts in as few words as possible.

We are clear that what we offer here is not the end all and be all of tackling sometime tough topics. As such, we use the back matter part of our journals to share relevant resources with our journalers. And the front is meant to introduce Peter and his co-creators, but not to share our life stories.

As much thought and consideration has gone into the design of the journals as well. We are committed to bringing beauty into the lives of our customers, so small things like paper choice, color palette and simple, powerful images are very important decisions we make as a team. That includes our typography and the names of our journals.

The team of us are people who journal. These details matter to us, and we believe they matter to users of these journals.


MacBurke Publishing was founded by author Peter Burke in 2018. The move was inspired by a desire to engage in publishing in a professional capacity to create and co-create, a series of small journals designed to assist folks in having their lives work. The first set of journals was created by a team of artists that included: Peter burke, words; Elisabeth Macumber, book interior design; Adrienne Fritze, cover artist, and product creation consultant.

Turn around time from order to shipping and finally, your receipt will vary.

If you order directly from us, and the product you order is in stock, we will pack and ship it within 24 hours of receipt of your order. If it turns out there’s been a run on products, and we need to order a second run, we’ll be in touch immediately to let you know the ETA. We will ship the portion of your order we can fulfill within 24 hours of receipt of the order.

If you have any questions at all about order fulfillment, drop us a line at [email protected] If you order from Ingram Spark, printing, packaging, and shipping will be according to their process.

If you order from Ingram Spark, printing, packaging, and shipping will be according to their process.

We will overnight, however you’ll be paying for overnight shipping.

As we are a small, independent publisher, and we sell in smaller than usual quantities, we do not take back unsold copies. Perhaps when we grow into a large, thriving publishing house that policy will change – and for the moment we’re digging being small.

Yes. We have two kinds of materials that could be considered promotional – some which are free to booksellers, some which are for retail sale.

FREE TO BOOKSELLERS – we have 1/3 page flyers and simple B&W bookmarks that you can order from us, to be included with any book order.

RETAIL ITEMS – and we have high-end, full-color bookmarks that retail for $2.50 each, with a minimum order of one set of 4. We have bookplates in the works as well.

POP DISPLAYS – we’re working on counter-top POP displays, but it is early days in that endeavor. If you have any resources you trust who design or supply POP displays, please send them our way!

We guarantee you will love our products, or return them for a refund.

We do not travel at this moment when Covid-19 is active without vaccination. However, once that has been dealt with, yes, we will travel. What that looks like will be created on a case-by-case basis. Please get in touch with Peter directly at [email protected]

Peter has been writing his entire life! He has two previously released books under his belt,  A Student Remembers Huffaker Country School, Reno, Nevada, 1940-1946, a memoir about attending a two-room school, and Free Wood, the Biography of a Table, a collection of poetry about the trials and tribulations of being a woodworker and a poet. As an established publishing company we are 2 years old, discovering the amazing world of contemporary authoring, book creation, and selling a variety of books and workbooks.