Job Loss and 6 Stages of Grief

Has this ever happened to you? You quietly mind your own business, doing something you like or need to do, and a memory emerges. Along with that memory comes new, and uncomfortable, feelings – like anger or even an overall … Continue

Name Your Feelings

When someone asks you “How are you feeling?” or you are given a prompt (as in the Journals for Seekers) to name how you are feeling today, are you at a loss for describing the myriad of emotions flowing through … Continue

Five Skills to Find Your Job Grow Your Job & Grow Yourself

Two approaches to training Plan A – Walk into a shop. Tools everywhere. Let’s learn them, then build a table Plan B – Walk into a shop. Let’s build a table. What kind? What tools? How I follow Plan B, … Continue

9 Tips For Getting Started on Journaling

“How do you put pen to paper?” is a question the author of Journal For Seekers, Peter Burke, often poses. Writing out your thoughts and feelings can be quite challenging when you are going through emotional times. If this is … Continue