Never Stop Asking, “What If?”

The What if? tool helps you design your future. The What if? tool is not the same as goal setting. When we set a goal, we say, “Here’s where I want to be in three years.” Then we plan our … Continue

Conserve, Enjoy, Share

I retired twenty-some years ago after earning a PhD in Materials Science from Stanford University and working for years as a professor at Oregon State University and as an engineer for Tektronix (test & measurement equipment) and Hewlett Packard (ink … Continue

If you can’t ask a good question, how can you get a good answer?

But how do you know you’ve asked a good question?Here are three qualities of a question that you can use to evaluate its level of goodness. VALUE – Will the answer lead to progress in meeting the goals of your … Continue

A Useful Guide to Improving Your Character

Admiral James Stavridis, Ph.D.Supreme Allied Commander of NATODean of the Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy at Tufts UniversityChief International Security and Diplomacy Analysts for NBC NewsReview by Peter BurkeFebruary 2023 The exercise at the end can be life changing. … Continue