The Gift of Grief

Simon was a small white Schnauzer, so sweet. Liam was even smaller, black and white, so cheerful and eager. Their main job in life was to make us laugh. Simon the Sweet  Simon sits      stares            hrufs Pauses      hrufs again  and … Continue

Act Think Feel

In this blog, I discuss three fundamental aspects of human behavior – acting, thinking, and feeling. I first encountered the concept of act/think/feel as a young child in 4-H. Their motto, ” head, hearts, hands, and health,” could be expressed … Continue

Why Journals For Seekers are Useful

Journals for Seekers help people learn life skills. As a  business counselor for SCORE, I learned to use a tool called the “value proposition.” This tool identifies the customer, their needs, and specific products to meet those needs. It also identifies … Continue

Creating Journals for Seekers

What are the journals? I have always wondered what is going on in my head, my body, and my surroundings. In response, I have undertaken a variety of exploratory and therapeutic adventures. One way or another, these experiences have all … Continue