Peter's Points

Act Think Feel

Later in life, while pondering my motivations, I devised what I call The Learning Loop: feelings inform us of our needs; needs are met by acting; acting leads to new feelings. Then, I wondered, which comes first, acting, thinking, or … Continue

Why Journals For Seekers are Useful

Journals for Seekers help people learn life skills. As a  business counselor for SCORE, I learned to use a tool called the “value proposition.” This tool identifies the customer, their needs, and specific products to meet those needs. It also identifies … Continue

Creating Journals for Seekers

What are the journals? I have always wondered what is going on in my head, my body, and my surroundings. In response, I have undertaken a variety of exploratory and therapeutic adventures. One way or another, these experiences have all … Continue

Hints For Using Small Steps Toward Transforming Grief, A Guided Journal

The goal of this blog is to help you get started with journaling. The blog presents excerpts from the journal, followed by a few hints on motivating yourself to put pencil to paper. An excerpt from the journal: If you … Continue