Living with Doom and Foreboding

Why Me, Beowulf? At a time when I was feeling morose for a variety of nameless reasons buried deep within me, I took to reading Beowulf, not just once, but dozens of times, clear through. I bought an early translation … Continue

The Artist’s Way and Morning or “Mourning” Pages

You don’t have to take Julia Cameron’s self-help 90-day course based on “The Artist’s Way, A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity” to discover inspiration for journaling your grief. However, the 237-page book or 90 days can seem overwhelming, especially when … Continue

Two Tales of Saying Goodbye to Loved Ones

Saying Goodbye to a Friend My first experience in actually saying goodbye to a dying friend of mine was with Terry. He and I had roomed at the Stanford Fire House in the ’50s.  We got a free room, bunkhouse … Continue