Poems For Grieving

At my sister’s funeral in 1998, I tried to help my niece by giving her a book of poems related to grieving.  I don’t know if the poems helped her, but I found that several of them put words to … Continue

Act Think Feel

Later in life, while pondering my motivations, I devised what I call The Learning Loop: feelings inform us of our needs; needs are met by acting; acting leads to new feelings. Then, I wondered, which comes first, acting, thinking, or … Continue

Curiosity As An Antidote to “Languising”

“Flow is that elusive state of absorption in a meaningful challenge or a momentary bond, where your sense of time, place, and self melts away. – Adam Grant” Scientific research shows that naming your feelings (becoming aware of your feelings) … Continue

How to Feel Alive – Get Curious!

“Curiosity killed the cat” is an idiom meant to keep you solidly in a box, to limit your imagination, to keep you from asking questions, and to shame you from exploring options others deem trouble.   Culturally speaking, when a child … Continue