Never Stop Asking, “What If?”

The What if? tool helps you design your future. The What if? tool is not the same as goal setting. When we set a goal, we say, “Here’s where I want to be in three years.” Then we plan our … Continue

The Gift of Grief

Simon was a small white Schnauzer, so sweet. Liam was even smaller, black and white, so cheerful and eager. Their main job in life was to make us laugh. Simon the Sweet  Simon sits      stares            hrufs Pauses      hrufs again  and … Continue

Conserve, Enjoy, Share

I retired twenty-some years ago after earning a PhD in Materials Science from Stanford University and working for years as a professor at Oregon State University and as an engineer for Tektronix (test & measurement equipment) and Hewlett Packard (ink … Continue

If you can’t ask a good question, how can you get a good answer?

But how do you know you’ve asked a good question?Here are three qualities of a question that you can use to evaluate its level of goodness. VALUE – Will the answer lead to progress in meeting the goals of your … Continue