Peter Burke

Peter Burke
Poet, Historian, Change-maker, Happener

I learned the basics of science and engineering by earning a PhD in Materials Science from Stanford University and by teaching at Oregon State and other Universities. I worked for Tektronix and Hewlett Packard, two iconic electronics companies, and learned the skills of problem solving by means of organized teamwork. Throughout my career I have actively sought to increase my understanding of human behavior, particularly my own.

What the Journals  are

Journals for Seekers are journals to help people acquire a variety of skills including those of serenity, curiosity, grieving, clarity, happiness and more.  They are intended to guide the reader to use all three basic human behaviors – thinking, acting, feeling, or, if you like, head, hands, heart. 

Why I write them

To pass on many of my work and life skills in a guided journal format; to enliven the process with contributions from users; to follow my curiosity, increase my capability, and make new connections. And to do all this in bite-sized pieces.